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Evaluation of neurocognitive functioning and MEG low-frequency imaging in patients at high risk for TBI and PTSD


We combined neuroimaging and clinical interviews to analyze the cognitive inhibitory preformance of 37 United States Marines from the explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) team. Each subject underwent an MRI scan and provided self‐report data on traumatic brain injuries (TBI), PTSD symptoms and demographic data. In addition, subjects had an magentoencephalography (MEG) scan while performing the neurocognitive Go‐NoGo task. After comparing the clinical findings (PTSD, TBI, etc) with the neuroimaging (MRI and MEG) and the Go‐NoGo performance (commission errors and reaction times), we found the Go stimulus to activate the motor cortex exclusively while the NoGo stimulus activated the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) and left mediolateral temporal lobe (MLTL) exclusively. We also found statistically significant negative correlations between DLPFC and commission errors (responding to NoGo prompt) and between MLTL and PTSD evaluation score.

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