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Interaction between Action and Cognition in Creativity: Perception and Action-based Imagination (PAI) Framework


Recently, the close connection between action and creativity has been gaining attention. However, studies investigating how the body influences creativity are limited. This study proposed the framework for that mechanism called Perception and Action-based Imagination based on studies of creativity and embodied cognition. It suggests that creation proceeds through the cycle of imagination generation based on perceptual information and the acquisition of rich perceptual information through imagination implementation. We conducted an experiment to investigate its validity. We prepared the following three conditions: the participants designed the toy with manipulation of the parts 1) by their bodies. 2) in their mind while seeing the parts. 3) in their mind without seeing the parts. Results showed that in the first condition, high creativity evaluations were obtained, the participants paid more attention to the possibility of part fabrication, and the above condition’s effect was partially explained by the focus of part fabrication.

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