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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Algerian Ivy Removal Techniques along a Riparian Zone in Berkeley, California

  • Author(s): Sanders, Lindsey
  • et al.

Algerian ivy is an invasive non-native vine that limits native plant biodiversity. In this study I examined three removal techniques for managing Algerian ivy: manual removal, foliar herbicide application (round up® Pro), and cut-stem herbicide application. I hypothesized that cut-stem herbicide application would be the most effective removal technique and that both herbicide applications would not affect native seedling growth. I measured plots monthly for ivy and native seedling growth and analyzed results using a random complete block design, tukey-Kramer analysis, and Simpson’s diversity Index (SdI). I found no significant difference in ivy re-growth among treatments and no significant difference in native seedling growth between plots. However, manual removal plots had an SdI double that of other treatments (0.7652). Based on these results, I recommend that further use of herbicides be ceased until investigations into the effects of herbicide on native plant diversity have been completed.

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