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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Comfort and Health Considerations: Air Movement and Humidity Constraints

  • Author(s): Arens, Edward A
  • Bauman, Fred
  • Baughman, A.
  • Fountain, M.
  • Miura, K.
  • Xu, T.
  • Zhang, H.
  • Akimoto, T.
  • et al.

This report describes the results of research completed to date during Phases I and II of the project. The report is organized in terms of the major type of work that have taken place. These are: 1) Laboratory studies of air movement and comfort. 2) Review of the influences of humidity on health, particularly as they impact evaporative cooling and naturally cooled architecture. 3) Development of a computer model of the human body sensitive to localized effects of air movement, localized radiant feilds, and other environmental influences. 4) Assistance with the workshops to create compressor-free house designs.

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