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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Local Transit: Moving Through Medium

  • Author(s): Greely, Hannah Macgregor
  • Advisor(s): Long, Charles
  • et al.

In an attempt to better understand the modes in which sculptural space operates, my work investigates the changes and failures that occur when trying to translate pictorial imagery into the third dimension or “real “ space of sculpture. Viewers are not as willing to suspend their disbelief when confronted with a thing very removed in appearance from a “real” object but presented as such. Perhaps this disbelief is due to a discomfort with a kind of pretending inherent to sculpture. My attempt to bring imagery from my drawings into a sculptural space, to maintain their fantasy while engaging with the real, is from conception an impossible task of translation. I see this exercise as an illustration of the failure of a sculpture to ever be convincing as a “real” object and hope it will open up a more honest, in-between space for sculpture to sit that is particular to its medium. This emphasis on failure and otherness in the work serves to expose the theatricality of a sculpture in its moment of pretending. A sculpture is actually a part but apart from the everyday reality most objects inhabit. The sculpture’s role as an actor on a kind of real world stage has always been present but not always admitted. My work seeks to lay bare the vulnerabilities of the medium of sculpture in hopes they can eventually be turned into a strength.

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