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U. S. Military Expenditures to Protect the Use of Persian Gulf Oil for Motor Vehicles: Report #15 in the series: The Annualized Social Cost of Motor-Vehicle Use in the United States, based on 1990-1991 Data

  • Author(s): Delucchi, Mark
  • Murphy, James
  • et al.

The U.S. spends a considerable amount of money protecting what it feels are its interests in the Persian Gulf. The exact amount is difficult to estimate, because the Defense budget is itemized not by region or mission, but rather, as shown in Table 15-4, by general function or cost area, such as operations and maintenance. Many of the functional areas cover more than one region or program, and hence one faces the difficult task of having to allocate joint costs to individual areas. Different analysts have handled this differently, and as a results estimates of the peacetime costs of maintaining a military presence in the Middle East range widely, from as little as $0.5 billion to as much as $64.5 billion per year (see Tables 15-5 and 15-6). Additional wartime costs may be a substantial fraction of this.

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