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Strategies to Maximize Asset Utilization in the California Freight System: General Recommendations and Potential Improvement Strategies


A number of stakeholders met with the ultimate goal of identifying inefficiencies faced by the freight system and putting forward a set of strategies to achieve a more efficient freight system. In doing so, a key first step was to provide insight as to the possible root cause(s) of major inefficiencies affecting the system. In addition to assessing inefficiencies, this research describes some of the aspects and necessary conditions that need to be considered when defining or identifying remediating strategies. Moreover, the research discusses a number of efficiency improvement strategies. These include:

• Voluntary Off-Hour Delivery Programs.

• Receiver-led Consolidation.

• Development of a Chassis Pool of Pools Fully Integrated System.

• Improvement of Traffic Mitigation Fee Programs.

• Implement Advanced Appointment/ Reservation Systems.

• Developing an Integrated System for Dray Operations and Services.

• Load Matching and Maximizing Capacity.

In light of the Governor’s Executive Order, it is imperative that the various public agencies in the State initiate, continue or reinforce efforts to address some of these issues.

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