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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Wavefront control simulations for the Giant Magellan Telescope: Field-dependent segment piston control

  • Author(s): Quiros-Pacheco, Fernando
  • Conan, Rod
  • McLeod, Brian
  • Irarrazaval, Ben
  • Bouchez, Antonin
  • et al.

We present in this paper preliminary simulation results aimed at validating the GMT piston control strategy. Wewill in particular consider an observing mode in which an Adaptive Optics (AO) system is providing fast on-axisWF correction with the Adaptive Secondary Mirror (ASM), while the phasing system using multiple SegmentPiston Sensors (SPS) makes sure that the seven GMT segments remain phased. Simulations have been performedwith the Dynamic Optical Simulation (DOS) tool developed at the GMT Project Oce, which integrates theoptical and mechanical models of GMT. DOS fast ray-tracing capabilities allows us to properly simulate theeect of eld-dependent aberrations, and in particular, the so-called Field Dependent Segment Piston (FDSP)mode arising when a segment tilt on M1 is compensated on-axis by a segment tilt on M2. We will show thatwhen using an asterism of SPS, our scheme can properly control both segment piston and the FDSP mode.

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