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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Characterizing the Interactions of the mTORC1 Scaffold Protein Raptor with mTOR Substrates

  • Author(s): Tetlow, Ashley LeAnn
  • Advisor(s): Tamanoi, Fuyuhiko
  • et al.

mTOR complex 1 integrates the input from several upstream pathways, including growth factors, insulin and amino acids. It can also sense the nutrient, oxygen and energy status of the cell. The mTOR pathway is often dysregulated in human diseases, specifically cancer. This central integration center is often modulated in order to promote uncontrollable cell growth, regardless of extracellular input. The protein known as Raptor (Regulatory Associated Protein of mTOR) is largely responsible for substrate protein recognition. Not much is known about how Raptor recruits mTOR substrate proteins. This study seeks to better understand the specific contribution of structural regions of the Raptor protein in recognizing and binding mTOR substrate proteins S6K1 and 4E-BP1. This study shows that the conserved N-terminal portion of the Raptor protein is involved in these interactions.

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