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Survey of Significant Factors Preventing Complete Enforcement of Mandatory Vaccination


In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying outbreaks, the controversy of mandatory vaccination is again brought under scrutiny. Although it has been well researched within the scientific community that vaccination is a simple and safe procedure, it continues to face outlash and distrust within societal communities. This literature review is a study of the current perspectives within pro and anti vaccination groups. From childhood illnesses to vaccine production, school mandates to minor consent, these and many more factors influence the current outlook and attitudes of the American general public towards vaccines. From this examination, we propose an actionable solution for the government, public health officials, and individual people. By fact checking widely held myths about vaccination and enforcing stricter standards in academic spheres for life threatening illnesses, we can improve the overall health and livelihood of our communities. In today’s public health crisis, it is paramount for people to understand the methodology behind mass immunity and also provide alternatives to those who may have valid reasons against vaccination.

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