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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Waves of Structural Globalization since 1800: New Results on Investment Globalization

  • Author(s): Chase-Dunn, Chris
  • Jorgenson, Andrew
  • Giem, Rebecca
  • Lio, Shoon
  • Reifer, Thomas
  • Rogers, John
  • et al.

This paper discusses research that is designed to examine the historical trajectory of structural globalization as an attribute of the whole world-system. Did the globalized world economy arrive all at once in a rapid and recent transition from national to global economic networks? Or is the process of international integration a long-term trend that has been going up for centuries only to be noticed recently because it has reached such a high peak? Or, alternatively, is globalization a cyclical phenomenon in which the world-system alternates between periods of national autarchy followed by periods of international economic and political integration?

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