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RGA users manual

  • Author(s): Morgan, E. Timothy
  • et al.

RGA is an interpreter for a special language designed for the analysis of reachability graphs, or control flow graphs, generated from Petri nets. Although in some cases the reachability graph can become too large to be tractable, or can even be infinite, many interesting problems exist whose reachability graphs of reasonable size. In RGA, the user has access to the names of the places in the net, and to the states of the reachability graph. The structure of the graph is also available through functions which return the sets of successor or predecessor states of a state, and the transition-firings connecting the states. The RGA language allows dynamic typing of identifiers, recursion, and function and operator overloading. Rather than providing a number of predefined analysis functions, RGA provides primitive functions which allow the user to conduct complex analyses with little programming effort. RGA is part of a suite of took intended to make the analysis of concurrent systems described by Petri nets easier.

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