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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Simulation of Reforming Reactor Tube: Quantifying Catalyst Pellet's Effectiveness Factor

  • Author(s): Da Cruz, Flavio Eduardo
  • Advisor(s): Manousiouthakis, Vasilios I
  • et al.

In this work, a consistent mathematical model to simulate a spherical catalytic pellet and a Packed-Bed Reactor (PBR) is develop. The Dusty Gas Model (DGM) is applied to the calculation of the diffusive fluxes in the porous media. Simulations are executed considering hydrogen production from steam methane reforming. Species’ diffusivities are calculated using data from literature as well as the values for tortuosity and porosity. The pellet simulation is performed considering mass, species, momentum and energy conservation equations, while the PBR model considers constant temperature along the reactor. The simulations are performed at a variety of temperatures, and results are presented in terms of species’ production/consumption along the pellet radius and reactor length. The effectiveness factor for each species along the reactor length is determined and results are discussed.

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