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Automation and Precision Control for Intraocular Robotic Interventional Surgical System

  • Author(s): Chen, Cheng-Wei
  • Advisor(s): Tsao, Tsu-Chin
  • et al.
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To improve surgical outcomes and reduce surgical complications in intraocular surgery, an optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging system is integrated into the intraocular robotic interventional surgical system (IRISS). The OCT images are used for preoperative planning and intraoperative intervention in a series of automated procedures. High-precision motion control of the robot manipulator is enabled by leveraging learning-type control algorithms to the data-based feedforward filter design. Real-time intervention allows a surgeon to evaluate the surgical progress and manually override the autonomous tracking of the predefined trajectory. The developed system was experimentally validated by performing lens extraction, which is a critical surgical step in cataract surgery, on 30 post-mortem pig eyes. Complete lens extraction was achieved on 25 eyes, and ``almost complete'' extraction was achieved on the rest due to the inability of the OCT to image minute-sized particles of lens behind the iris. No posterior capsule rupture occurred for any of the 30 pig eyes. This work successfully demonstrated automated OCT-guided intraocular surgery using a robotic surgical system.

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