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Ordinance no. :  an Ordinance of the City of Irvine Governing the manufacture, distribution, Sale and Recycling of Products Which Utilize Ozone-depleting Compounds.

  • Author(s): City of Irvine
  • et al.
Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

WHEREAS, available scientific evidence indicates thatchlorofluorocarbons ("CFCs"} and Halons, when discharged intothe environment, deplete the earth's protective ozone layer,allowing increased amounts of ultraviolet radiation topenetrate the earth's atmosphere, thereby posing a long-termdanger to human health, life and the environment byincreasing such harms as skin cancers, cataracts, suppressionof the immune system, damage to crops and aquatic life, andrelated harms;WHEREAS, the release of Halons in testing fireextinguishing systems is a primary source of the release ofHalons into the earth's atmosphere;WHEREAS,. CFCs are widely used in refrigeration and airconditioning systems in a form commonly known as "Freon";WHEREAS, there is currently no economically feasibletechnology available as a substitute for the Freon used inrefrigeration and air conditioning systems, and the Halonused in certain fire extinguishing systems;

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