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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The Fabrication of Cationic Single Nanocapsules with Firefly Luciferase for Intracellular delivery

  • Author(s): Li, Ziyi Li
  • Advisor(s): Lu, Yunfeng
  • et al.

Therapeutic proteins have gained incredible interest in pharmaceutical and biological science. The limitation of proteins for becoming an ideal drug candidate would be their relatively poor stability and difficulties in administration and drug delivery. In this study, we fabricate the single-protein drug delivery platform that previously used to encapsulate EGFP. Luciferase protein was fitted in the novel cationic nanocapsules nFluc-AAMAPM and showed promising potential in cellular internalization. Characterization and imaging were examined to verify the feasibility of nFluc. It is evident that nFluc-AAMAPM, which is positively charged, is potent for better interaction with HeLa cells and exhibited significant capability for intracellular delivery.

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