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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Magnetometry and Imaging with Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond

  • Author(s): Lourette, Sean
  • Advisor(s): Budker, Dmitry
  • et al.

After a brief introduction to nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers and related physics, a description is presented of the principles and methodology of the diamond-based imaging magnetometer using an ensemble of NV centers. The diamond-based magnetic imaging platform is used to realize a force-induced remnant magnetization spectroscopy technique in which specific biomolecular binding is measured and detection is performed with wide-field optical and diamond-based magnetometry. This diamond-based technique that has both optical and magnetic detection modalities may be adapted for massively parallel screening of arrays of nanoscale samples. In a separate, but similarly inspired experiment, a description is given of the methods used to analyze the motion of a microscopic ferromagnetic particle levitated above a superconducting niobium surface.

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