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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The Measurement and Evaluation of Professional League of Legends Teams for Optimal Strategy

  • Author(s): Wong, Victor
  • Advisor(s): Gould, Robert L
  • et al.

With ever improving streaming technologies and accessibility to video games, it comes as

no surprise that competitive gaming or eSports have blown up in recent time. League of

Legends, former gaming startup Riot Games' sole intellectual property, has the title most

popular eSport in the world with a thriving competitive scene and international competition

that rivals traditional sports leagues such as the MLB, the NBA and the NFL [Sta, 2013].

With the high stakes involved in the burgeoning eSports industry, it is imperative that these

organizations develop methods that can dierentiate players based on their skill through

their in-game performance metrics and determine potential acquisitions. Additionally, we

want to leverage the data within Riot Games' databases on how the general playerbase

approaches the game to determine what how in game performance metrics change as player

skill increases. The end goal of this analysis is to create a method to gauge team performance

and assess weak links in strategy.

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