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UC Davis Library’s Digital Collections

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In 2018, UC Davis launched, our Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for library special collections. The UC Davis Digital Collections is a locally developed digital repository designed to store and manage the digital assets of UC Davis. These Digital Collections are intended to increase access to previously undiscoverable digital assets held by the University Library. The DAMS is built on the Fedora Linked Data Platform and extended with services to provide; a Client UI, IIIF viewing, indexing and synchronization. The new Fedora 6 platform, with its underlying Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) based storage, in encouraging us to rethink some of the overall design of our system, in particular to better support archival processes and object sharing. In this talk we review the overall architecture of the DAMS and describe how we might leverage Fedora 6 and OCFL to simplify and standardize our digital archives.

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UC Davis Library’s Digital Collections