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Power Efficient RF Transceiver Design Using 16-SFK Modulation


The demand for higher performance radio communication increases every day.Since the radio spectrum occupation is very high, modern radio systems require tomaximize the data rate, through put, and minimize the cost of that radio, its noiseand power consumption. Within the given scenario, there are two major factors,the first is spectrum efficiency and the second one is power efficiency. Former isrelated to maximum data rate within the given spectrum limit and the latter isaddresses by the requiredEb/N0(energy per bit over noise poser spectral density)to demodulate the input signal with small error rate.In this thesis, a low power transceiver is presented in which utilizes a high efficiencymodulation, 16-FSK (frequency shift keying) in which to enhance the power effi-ciency while maintain low power operation using innovative circuits.In addition to the design of the transceiver, a BLE/WiFi compliant transmitter isdesigned that is capable of enhancing the user privacy by randomizing the trans-mitted signal features.The 16-FSK receiver is described in Chapter. 1, 16-FSK transmitter is presentedin Chapter. 2, and the BLE/WiFi transmitter is shown in Chapter. 3. Fig. 0.1demonstrates the ICs designed for each project, respectively from top to bottom.

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