Plexus 2018: Synergy
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Plexus 2018: Synergy

Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

PLEXUS is a student-organized publication that showcases artwork by medical students, physicians, faculty, patients, and others in the medical community. True to its name, PLEXUS aspires to connect those who seek to heal and to be healed through the unifying language of art. This year we continued to expand our presence in the UCI medical community and beyond.

For our 19th edition of PLEXUS, we chose the theme of “Synergy” - a theme that implies collaboration, teamwork, and a merging of perspectives. In the interdisciplinary field of medicine, patients and their team of healthcare providers come to the table with unique beliefs, experiences, and insights that inform their decisions and attitudes. While the journal submission and publication process is run by medical students, we believe that the medical humanities is a creative space  open to everyone in the medical community. This year we included wonderful submissions from students in the UCI School of Nursing, as well as graduate students from the biological sciences. It is in seeing and hearing from others’ perspectives that we broaden our horizons and improve ourselves.

Every year we are amazed by the emotions, reflections, stories, richness, and creativity of the submissions. We thank all of our submitters for their time and thought. Additionally, please find our performing arts pieces on our website, Previous publications and submissions are also available online.

Winners of the PLEXUS medical student competitions were made possible by the Program in Medical Humanities & Arts.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Writing competition: 1st: Melinda Schneider, MS2 “Mouse Brains and Microtomes”; 2nd: Leigh Goodrich, MS4 “One Million and One”; 3rd: Nazin Sedehi, MS2 “To my class with Love”

Visual competition: 1st: Soe Thein, MS3 “Nurture”; 2nd: Kimberly Watanabe, MS3 “Black Diamond Healer”; 3rd: Stephanie Noh, MS2 “Field of Psammoma Bodies”

Performing arts competition: 1st: Jovauna Currey, Resident “The Synergy of the Patient/Physician Relationship”; 2nd: Alex Miner, Resident “Squeeze”; 3rd: Nathan Calixto & Chris Gabriel, MS3s “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton.

Thank you to our superb editors, staff, and faculty for their support in making this 19th edition possible. We would like to give special thanks to our faculty advisor, Dr. Johanna Shapiro and Dr. Ellena Peterson, Associate Dean of Admissions & Outreach - this book would not have been possible without your continuous support and guidance. We hope you enjoy PLEXUS 2018 – Synergy.

 Plexus Editors-In-Chief: Celia Cheung, Joanna Turkiewicz

Project HX - Editor-In-Chief: Thalia Nguyen

Creative Writing & Visual Arts Team: Yvonne Lu, Julie Ferris, Shreya Aiyar, Arnie Shah, Julia Tran, Sarah O’Dell, Priyanka Sharma, Ava Runge

Design Team: Priyanka Sharma, Christina Kong, Nazin Sedehi

Digital And Social Media Editor: Christine Pham

Performing Arts Chair: Melinda Schneider

To contribute to PLEXUS or to request a PLEXUS exhibit at your event, please visit

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Contest winners

1st place winner:  Melinda Schneider

2nd place winner: Leigh Goodrich

3rd place winner: Nazin Sedehi

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