Plexus 2004
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Medical Humanities and Arts

UC Irvine

Plexus 2004

Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

Sponsors: Dean Cesario’s Office, The Office of Educational Affairs, The Office of Advancement/Alumni, The Office of Admissions and Outreach, The Associated Graduate Students,

The California Medical Association Foundation

Editor-in-Chief: Meghann Kaiser

Senior Editors

Audio: Nicholas Athanassiou

Creative Writing: Meghann Kaiser

Layout & Design: C. Gail Ryan

Marketing & Outreach: Lena Shultz

Visual Art: Mary Wang

Associate Editors

Audio: Jeanette Waller

Marketing & Outreach: Ken Lam

Creative Writing: Brian McMichael

Layout & Design: Randy Wei

Faculty Advisors: Johanna Shapiro, Ph.D.; Lloyd Rucker, M.D.

Selection Editors: Christine Chan; Salina Lee; Glen Moore; Troy Pulas

The PLEXUS staff wishes to recognize the hard work and support of the following individuals:

Nathan L. Bruce, Warren Wiechmann, Al Stoffel at Shoreline Press, Dr. Alberto Manetta, Manoj Kesarwani, Carroll Rudy, Bob Hammer, Marcida Dodson, Christine Stoffel, Darren Raphael, Dr. Marianne Ross, Amy Shulz, Alice Parsons, Judith Frank, Barbara Lutz, Mark Sellick, and Lora Simmons

Welcome to Plexus Audio, the newest addition to the Plexus Journal of Arts and Humanities

Publication. The concept behind Plexus Audio is to provide a medium for audio artists to showcase their talents in anything from music to poetry to plays. All art is created by affiliates of the UC Irvine College of Medicine and Medical Center and can be downloaded from our website at

 So please check out the variety of innovative an interesting audio art we have to offer and stay tuned for future developments from Plexus and Plexus Audio.


Audio Editor: Nick Athanasiou

Assistant Audio Editor: Jeanette Waller

Plexus Audio

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