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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Implementation of SCAO for ELT-CAM / MICADO-MAORY

  • Author(s): Clenet, Yann;
  • Esposito, Simone;
  • Buey, Tristan;
  • Riccardi, Armando;
  • Rousset, Gerard;
  • Lombini, Matteo;
  • Cohen, Mathieu;
  • Spano, Paolo;
  • Gendron, Eric;
  • Diolaiti, Emiliano;
  • Devies, Richard
  • et al.

ELT-CAM is the E-ELT rst-light instrument that associates MICADO, the near-infrared imager, and MAORY,its multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) module. ELT-CAM will also come with a single conjugate adaptiveoptics (SCAO) capability motivated by scientic programs for which SCAO provides the best AO performance(e.g. exoplanets, solar system science, bright AGNs, etc).This SCAO capability will be developed within MICADO through a dedicated SCAO module with its naturalguide star (NGS) wavefront sensor (WFS), allowing MICADO to work in a SCAO stand-alone mode withoutMAORY, and inside MAORY with the same dedicated NGS WFS. MICADO and MAORY consortia are workingtogether on the development of this SCAO capability in order to perform a WFS trade-o study between Shack-Hartmann and Pyramid, to optimize the design of the NGS WFS as well as the interfaces between the twoinstruments. We present here the current status of the work done by the two consortia on the implementationof this SCAO capability for MICADO and MAORY.

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