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Refractory upper lip comedone in a middle aged woman

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A middle aged female with a refractory comedone of the upper lip
E. J. Zabawski, Jr. DO and Clay J Cockerell, MD
Dermatology Online Journal 4(1): 4

Figure 1
The dilated "pore" on the right upper lip had been present for at least 2 years.

A 37 year old female presented complaining of a "hole in her face" (figure 1). The lesion had been present for at least 2 years, but seemed more prominent in the last year since an esthetician had tried unsuccessfully to extract it. She stated that she had never experienced drainage, itching or pain with this lesion. No progressive growth was described.

Examination revealed a small papule of the right side of the upper lip with a small central opening resembling an enlarged pore. No other similar lesions were noted.

An excision of the lesion was performed under local anesthesia and the histologic findings are depicted in figure 2.

Vertially oriented epithelial proliferation with a large central cavity opening to the surface with a narrow ostium.

Figure 2

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