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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Distributome: An Interactive Web-based Resource for Probability Distributions

  • Author(s): Chang, Bo
  • Advisor(s): ALAN, YUILLE
  • et al.

The advent of technology has facilitated computer based techniques for statistical analysis of data. In addition, the web-based graphical user interface has enabled the development of highly interactive programs. The Distributome project (http: // is an open-source, open content-development project for exploring, discovering, navigating, learning, and computational utilization of diverse probability distributions. It provides several interesting functions about probability distributions.

In this thesis we present the motivation of Distributome and the detailed design of different parts of the navigator and various tools. Also, an example is provided to show the application of Distributome in statistics education of hypergeometric distribution. Finally, we discuss the future directions of Distributome project, including expanding current tools and designing new features, and adopting the latest web development technology.

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