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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Load Monitoring and fault detection on DC micro grids using STFT based feature vectors

  • Author(s): Maqsood, Atif
  • Advisor(s): Corzine, Keith
  • et al.

This thesis explores load monitoring on dc micro-grids specifically applied to Naval shipboard power systems. More electronic loads are being placed on Naval ships and, increasingly, more of these loads are pulsed-power in nature; drawing pulsating current from the grid. This presents a challenge for conventional fault monitoring devices as many fault currents are also pulsating in nature and can be difficult to differentiate from a desirable pulse event. Short-time Fourier transform is the technique preferred in this work for spectral analysis of the current signals. In addition to event based monitoring, another unsupervised control is being employed to continuously check the frequency content of the current to look for arcing faults caused by loose electrical connections. The objective of the dissertation is to develop a load monitoring algorithm that records the current drawn by these loads and is able to detect events and differentiate between desirable events and faults using their frequency content in run-time. The algorithm is realized on an micro-controller unit and validated on a low-voltage dc test-bed.

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