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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Joint Energy and Reserves Auction with Opportunity Cost Payment for Reserves

  • Author(s): Oren, Shmuel S.
  • Sioshansi, Ramteen
  • et al.

System operators in the electricity industry are required to procure reserve capacity to deal with unanticipated outages, demand shocks, and transmission constraints. One traditional method of procuring reserves is through a separate capacity auction with two-part bids. We analyze an alternative scheme whereby reserves are procured through the energy market using only energy bids, and capacity payments are made based on a generator's implied opportunity cost. By using the revelation principle, we are able to derive the equilibrium bidding function in this market and show that generators have a clear incentive to understate their costs in order to capture higher capacity rents. We then give a numerical example for a special case and examine the effect of the equilibrium bidding behavior on the generators' total revenues and on the energy payments.

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