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The Geography of the Everyday

  • Author(s): Sullivan, Robert Edward
  • Advisor(s): Agnew, John
  • et al.

Beginning with the premise that the everyday is constitutionally elusive, a mobile structure is formulated and then deployed to, if not capture the everyday, at least corner it. Using Ian Hacking's notion that a formidable analytical apparatus could be created using Erving Goffman's "bottom-up" micro-sociology in combination with Michel Foucault's "top-down" macro-critique, a comprehensive approach is constructed to track the feints and parries of the everyday. This analytical apparatus is extended back into time through the verticality of history and out through space through the horizons of spatial secretion. Socially, its "middle" is filled out by the additions of Marxian reproduction and Weberian typification while the body is added via an exploration of Merleau-Ponty. We conclude with a call for a new sub-discipline of neuro-geography and an a-structural structure, which can be applied to the everyday as well as other knotty theoretical entities.

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