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Dynamic Tests of a Time-Space Model of Complex Travel Behavior


In the research presented here, an attempt is made to analyze the entire daily activity pattern simultaneously in terms of its space, time, and activity category dimensions. The focus of the research is on developing procedures for the dynamic analysis of possible changes in activity patterns that may result from or lead to changes in the characteristics of the household. The intent is to trace the daily activity patterns of groups of travelers that have undergone significant change during multiple points in time, in a manner that will shed some light on both the nature and extent of associated changes in travel behavior. To check on the reliability of the modeling process and to understand its peculiarities, complementary analyses of pattern attributes, and time-series analyses of patterns were performed on the same data set. Results from these complementary analyses are briefly outlined here, and it is hoped that these results aid in placing the present approach in the perspective of the rich legacy of previous work.

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