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A study of the standard model Higgs, WW and ZZ production in dilepton plus missing transverse energy final state at CDF Run II

  • Author(s): Hsu, Shih-Chieh
  • et al.

We report on a search for Standard Model (SM) production of Higgs to WW* in the two charged lepton (e, [mu]) and two neutrino final state in p̄p collisions at a center of mass energy [sqrt]s = 1.96 TeV. The data were collected with the CDF II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron and correspond to an integrated luminosity of $1.9fb⁻¹. The Matrix Element method is developed to calculate the event probability and to construct a likelihood ratio discriminator. There are 522 candidates observed with an expectation of 513±41 background events and 7.8±0.6 signal events for Higgs mass 160GeV/c² at next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic level calculation. The observed 95% C.L. upper limit is $0.8 pb which is 2.0 times the SM prediction while the median expected limit is 3.1}+1.3}_}-0.9} with systematics included. Results for 9 other Higgs mass hypotheses ranging from 110GeV/c² to 200GeVc² are also presented. The same dilepton plus large transverse energy imbalance (E/T) final state is used in the SM ZZ production search and the WW production study. The observed significance of ZZ[right arrow] ll[nu][nu] channel is 1.2[sigma]. It adds extra significance to the ZZ[right arrow] 4l channel and leads to a strong evidence of ZZ production with $4.4̃ [sigma] significance. The potential improvement of the anomalous triple gauge coupling measurement by using the Matrix Element method in WW production is also studied

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