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Summary of recordings of spike trains available for analysis and guide to their context and means for their analysis

  • Author(s): Woody, Charles D.
  • et al.

This is a database of recordings of spike activity from about 5000 neurons along the auditory pathway from the cochlear nuclei to the neocortex, cerebellum, and elsewhere. Sufficient indexes and examples are available here to understand the data. The bulk of the data is on five CDs (0-4) that can be borrowed through interlibrary loan (UCLA Biomedical Library, WL102.5, W912r 2003) and copied. (See 04DataCDs.xls for that index.) There is also an analysis program that averages histograms of spike activity and concurrent electromyographic (EMG) activity obtained from the orbicularis oculi (eyeblink) and levator oris (nose twitch) muscles. This, too, is available here. Each recording contains the response to a 70 dB click (produced by applying a 1 ms rectangular pulse to a loudspeaker) before or after conditioning blink responses to the click as a CS. A discriminative acoustic stimulus, a 70 dB hiss DS, was also presented at a time apart from the click. There are guides to the regions from which each recording was made and to the associated behavioral states as well as a tutorial on how to use the analysis program. There is an appendix listing the data format. There is a second appendix (12. Appendix 2) with downloadable, self-executable data files of the complete database. To proceed please read the cited summary and guide. For copies of the original lab notebooks with depths of the recordings, see:

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