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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Ultra Large Field-of-view Fluorescent Biomedical Scanner Imaging System

  • Author(s): Ling, Yuye
  • Advisor(s): Ozcan, Aydogan
  • et al.

In this project, we proposed and built a dual-mode biomedical imaging modality, which based on a very cost-effective flatbed scanner. The modifications of the scanner was mainly made in three aspects, system control, illumination, and post processing procedure. First of all, we rewrote the scanner driver based on the

open-sourced SANE backend to gain the complete control over the scanner and to accommodate our special necessities, such as altering motor step and sample rate. Then, an attachment, which provided the external illumination for dark field and fluorescent, was designed and printed (by 3D printer). Finally, after getting the raw images of the sample, several extra post-processing procedures were taken to further improve both the image quality and the user experience. In this dissertation, we will explain the aforementioned modifications that we have made in details. We will also present and discuss the experimental results of our system. Currently, the proposed system is able to detect 10 um fluorescent beads in fluorescent mode and 4 um non-fluorescent beads in dark-field over an entire area as large as 20.4 cm � 17.8 cm. The system shows great potential some specific biomedical imaging problems that require huge throughput, such as detecting circulating tumor cells.

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