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Antibody-dependent cell-mediated virus inhibition (ADCVI) antibody activity does not correlate with risk of HIV-1 superinfection

  • Author(s): FORTHAL, Donald N.
  • LANDUCCI, Gary
  • CHOHAN, Bhavna
  • RICHARDSON, Barbra A.
  • MCCLELLAND, R. Scott
  • JAOKO, Walter
  • BLISH, Catherine
  • OVERBAUGH, Julie
  • et al.

Previous studies of HIV-infected women with high risk behavior have indicated that neither neutralizing antibody nor cellular immunity elicited by an initial HIV-1 infection is associated with protection against superinfection with a different HIV-1 strain. Here, we measured antibody-dependent cell-mediated virus inhibition (ADCVI) antibody activity in the plasma of 12 superinfected cases and 36 singly infected matched controls against 2 heterologous viruses. We found no association between plasma ADCVI activity and superinfection status. ADCVI antibody activity against heterologous virus elicited by the original infection may not contribute to preventing a superinfecting HIV-1.

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