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Akkadian from Egypt


Akkadian, an ancient Semitic language from Mesopotamia written in the cuneiform script, wasemployed as a diplomatic lingua franca between the major powers of the Late Bronze Age.Akkadian from Egypt defines the language of the Akkadian texts that originated in Egypt. Thesewere probably written by Egyptian scribes. On various linguistic levels ranging from phonology tomorpho-syntax, Akkadian from Egypt differs from contemporary varieties of Akkadian. In severalcases, these differences can be analyzed as probably representing interferences with Egyptian, thenative language of the scribes. Rather than as an Akkadian dialect, Akkadian from Egypt canthus be characterized as an interlanguage, that is, as an attempt by non-native speakers tocommunicate in a foreign language that they have learned more or less successfully. This is also thereason behind the instability of the system, rule changes, and adjustments.

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