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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Nos(Otros), Los Textual Poch@s: Understanding Notions of Chicanx/Latinx Identities through the Digital Art of Rio Yañez

  • Author(s): Jimenez, Maria Daniela Z.
  • Advisor(s): Pons, Maria C
  • Villaseñor Black, Charlene
  • et al.

This thesis presents the concept of textual poch@ through Bay Area-based artist, Rio Yañez's artwork. The textual poch@ is an individual who experiences marginalization and/or has to justify themselves for deviating from their society's dominant narratives and cultural tastes. Their deviation results in their own interpretation and reconfiguration of their culture (usually associated with aspects of their identity, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, physical abilities) through a rasquache framework – in terms of making do with what they have to create something new. Through visual and textual analyses, I focus on two of Yañez's digital art collections, Morrissey-inspired artwork and Japanese-influence portraiture series, as my case studies. In doing so, I demonstrate how these two collections push against essentialism and unfix Chicanx/Latinx identity as it is tied to dominant Chicanx/Latinx cultural practices and tastes.

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