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Novel Fluorescent Guanine Analogs as Guanine deaminase substrates/inhibitors

  • Author(s): Wu, You
  • Advisor(s): Tor, Yitzhak
  • et al.
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TTwo fluorescent guanine analogues (thG, tzG) derived from thieno[3,4-d]-pyrimidine and isothiazole[4,3-d]-pyrimidine, respectively were synthesized and analyzed for their isomorphism and isofunction as the natural occurring guanine. Photophysical analysis demonstrated the promoted properties, such as visible emission, high quantum yield, sensitivity to polarity and pH, while the enzymatic conversion illustrated the highly isofunctional of tzG as guanine through its rapid reactivity with guanine deaminase (GDA) as the native substrate, which makes tzG be a good surrogate to help monitor the activity of GDA and assist the research for this significant enzyme in neuronal recovery.

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