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Erythematous and vesicular eruption in a one day old infant.

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One day old infant with an erythematous and vesicular eruption
Zabawski EJ, Styles AR, Witheiler D, and CJ Cockerell
Dermatology Online Journal: 4(1): 5

Figure 1 Figure 2
Erythematous erosions and vesicles involving the left leg.Similar involvement of the soles with erythematous erosions.

A one day old female infant presented with an eruption that was evident at birth (see figures). On examination, there were erythematous vesicles arranged in linear groups predominantly on the extremities but also involving the trunk and soles. No other physical or laboratory abnormalities were identified. The course of pregnancy was unremarkable.

A punch biopsy was performed and the histological picture is illustrated (see figure).

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