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  • Author(s): Simpson, Kevin Thomas
  • Advisor(s): Smith, Mark H
  • Winer, Andrew
  • et al.
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Reign of Swords is hailed as the world’s first true virtual reality video game, created by Damien Titor and Virgil Price. Venn, a gamer, participated in the three month closed beta and fell in love with it. Despite having all his gear stolen and being killed by Thane, a player he was trying help, Venn desperately wants to return. The game was his only solace from the reality of his life.

Still dealing with his father’s death, Venn can’t accept that his mother, Emily, has moved on. Her string of boyfriends and lack of understanding, isolates him. At the same time, his old friends, Lazar and Rosalie, are a part of new social circles and are now dating, isolating Venn further. After learning of a devastating car accident, involving Titor and his family, Venn becomes obsessed with the creator and his work.

After Venn attends a vigil at a hospital, where Titor is staying, he receives a message and a code to access RoS early. Jumping back into the virtual world, he finds comfort and peace. However, when he attempts to logout, the option is missing. Titor appears and announces that if they die in the game, they will die in real life. Stripped of his avatar skin, Venn and the millions of players must defeat 70 Isle bosses and Titor to escape.

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