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Multipurpose Land Information Systems Development Bibliography: A Community-wide Commitment to the Technology and its Ultimate Applications (97-1)

  • Author(s): Tulloch, David L.
  • Epstein, Earl F.
  • Niemann Jr., Bernard J.
  • Ventura, Stephen J.
  • et al.

This bibliography attempts to bring together literature covering the many aspects of Multipurpose Land Information Systems (MPLIS) development. Our focus on MPLIS development comes from a concern that much of GIS adoption and diffusion research focuses on a single system within an organization instead of a network of resources within the context of a larger community. We have worked to broaden the view of MPLIS development to include the processes commonly referred to as initiation, implementation, operation and maintenance.

To reflect these issues, we have attempted to develop a bibliography that includes: (a) the concept of the community-wide value of MPLIS development and the products of these systems, (b) developmental factors and techniques, (c) studies of system status, and (d) the MPLIS development process or the adoption and diffusion of innovations and related technologies. A brief explanation of each of these topics is provided along with specific examples from the bibliography.

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