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Static to inducibly dynamic stereocontrol: The convergent use of racemic β-substituted ketones


The synthesis of stereochemically complex molecules in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries requires precise control over each distinct stereocenter, a feat that can be challenging and time consuming using traditional asymmetric synthesis. Although stereoconvergent processes have the potential to streamline and simplify synthetic routes, they are currently limited by a narrow scope of inducibly dynamic stereocenters that can be readily epimerized. Here, we report the use of photoredox catalysis to enable the racemization of traditionally static, unreactive stereocenters through the intermediacy of prochiral radical species. This technology was applied in conjunction with biocatalysts such as ketoreductases and aminotransferases to realize stereoconvergent syntheses of stereodefined γ-substituted alcohols and amines from β-substituted ketones.

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