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Open Access Publications from the University of California

On \(S\)-matrix, and fusion rules for irreducible \(V^G\)-modules

  • Author(s): Zhang, Liuyi
  • Advisor(s): Dong, Chongying
  • et al.

Let \(V\) be a simple vertex operator algebra, and \(G\) a finite automorphism group of \(V\) such that \(V^G\) is regular. The definition of entries in \(S\)-matrix on \(V^G\) is discussed, and then is extended. The set of \(V^G\)-modules can be considered as a unitary space. In this paper, we obtain some connections between \(V\)-modules and \(V^G\)-modules over that unitary space. As an application, we determine the fusion rules for irreducible \(V^G\)-modules which occur as submodules of irreducible \(V\)-modules by the fusion rules for irreducible \(V\)-modules and by the structure of \(G\).

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