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Essays on India’s Economic Growth


This is a collection of essays written for the Financial Express, an Indian financial daily. There are several themes that I explore in these pieces. The most basic is that of the overall process of, and environment for economic growth in the Indian context. Another strand examines different sectors and their past or potential growth contributions. A third issue is one that often has dominated recent policy discussions in India, namely, how to make growth more inclusive or broad-based. This is related to a fourth theme of these essays, that of governance and policy making in India. A fifth theme of the essays is money and finance in India, again in the context of development and development policy. Finally, I comment on management and management education as a potential contributor to India’s growth. The essays sometimes cut across themes, but I have organized them loosely into these six categories. The two dozen or so pieces were written between May 2006 and January 2008, but I think they still have relevance, as the issues they explore are long-run questions about India’s economic growth and its sustainability. I have attempted to draw on economic analysis in assessing current issues, but the presentation is relatively non-technical.

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