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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Effects of non-standard neutrino flavor changing interactions in core collapse supernovae

  • Author(s): Amanik, Philip
  • et al.

Non-standard neutrino flavor changing interactions are included in the core collapse supernova model, and their effects on the model are investigated. Analytical and numerical results are presented. The predictions from a model that includes the new neutrino interactions are found to be different from the predictions of the original model. The non-standard interactions are predicted by some extensions to the standard model, but no such interactions have been discovered or proven to exist. An example of an interaction which comes from R-parity violating Supersymmetry is discussed in detail in Chapter 1. Reviews of nuclear physics and the supernova model are also given in this chapter. The cross sections for neutrino flavor changing scattering in vacuum with nuclei and free nucleons are given in Chapter 1. Corrections which account for neutrinos scattering with nuclei in the core medium are given in Chapter 2. Uncertainties in the equation of state and composition of nuclear matter at high density, and the impact of these uncertainties on neutrino scattering cross sections are discussed in Chapter 2 as well. Analytical estimates of flavor changing scattering rates are calculated in Chapter 1 and a qualitative discussion of the effects on the model is then offered. Results from a one-zone core collapse numerical simulation are presented in Chapter 2. A detailed discussion of the code, and equations which describe the core are included in this chapter. Chapter 3 outlines how to include these interactions in a full simulation with neutrino transport and hydrodynamics

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