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Open Access Publications from the University of California

EmStar: a Software Environment for Developing and Deploying Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Author(s): Lewis Girod
  • Jeremy Elson
  • Alberto Cerpa
  • Thanos Stathopoulos
  • Nithya Ramanathan
  • Deborah Estrin
  • et al.

Em* (pronounced EmStar) is a software environment for developing and deploying Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applications on Linux-class hardware platforms (called ''Microservers''). Em* consists of libraries that implement message-passing IPC primitives, tools that support simulation, emulation, and visualization of live systems, both real and simulated, and services that support for networking, sensing, and time synchronization. While Em*''s design has favored ease of use and modularity over efficiency, the resulting increase in overhead has not been an impediment to any of our current projects.

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