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The Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism prepares reporters for the next era of journalism. Our students learn to report and interview and how to tell their stories in the most effective medium – print, video, audio or photography. As they progress, students use their skills more broadly in investigative, political, business, health, international, science and other reporting classes. Our progressive and flexible curriculum ensures that students are deft and versatile with skills they need for the quickly evolving news industry and job market.

Cover page of A Search for Belonging

A Search for Belonging

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Cover page of New Path

New Path

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Cover page of Telling App

Telling App


One of the biggest challenges the journalism industry faces is reaching and engaging young people. Telling App is a mobile application for teens that consists of games, local plus global news feeds and a mobile toolkit for self-publishing journalism articles.

Katcher received a 2014 AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship to develop the HTML5 hybrid application. The project can be seen online at