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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Editorial Board


Carl Whithaus, Editor
University of California, Davis

Mathew Gomes, Associate Editor and Social Media Coordinator
Santa Clara University

Madeline Crozier, Assistant Editor, Copyediting
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Stephen McElroy, Assistant Editor, Production
Babson College

Liz Tinoco, Assistant Editor, Manuscript Reviews
Texas A&M, San Antonio

Christopher Blankenship, Assistant Editor, JWA Reading List
Salt Lake Community College

Stacy Wittstock, Assistant Editor, JWA Reading List

JWA Reading List Editorial Assistants:
Kathleen Kryger (University of Arizona),
Jennifer Reifman (UC Davis),
Tiffany Smith (Georgia State), and
Sarah Stetson (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

Direct correspondence to Carl Whithaus, University Writing Program, Voorhies Hall, UC Davis, Davis, CA 95616.


Chris Anson, North Carolina State University
Will Banks, East Carolina University
Bob Broad, Illinois State University
Carolyn Calhoon-Dilahunt,Yakima Valley Community College
Sheila Carter-Tod, University of Denver
David Eubanks, Furman University
Joanne Giordano, Salt Lake Community College
David F. Green, Howard University
Holly Hassel, North Dakota State University
Brian Huot, Kent State University
Joyce Inman, University of Southern Mississippi
Asao Inoue, Arizona State University
Diane Kelly-Riley, University of Idaho
Marisa Klages-Bombich, Laguardia Community College
Aja Martinez, University of North Texas
Peggy O'Neill, Loyola University Maryland
Ellen Schendel, Grand Valley State University
Tony Silva, Purdue University
Christie Toth, University of Utah
Terry Underwood, California State University, Sacramento
Amy Vidali, University of California, Santa Cruz
Edward Wolfe, Pearson
Robert Yagelski, SUNY-Albany
Kathleen Blake Yancey, Florida State University