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The Research Center for Romance Studies exists to foster research primarily in the fields of Comparative Romance Linguistics, and the medieval literatures of the Romance Languages. The RCRS supervises the publication of the journal Romance Philology.

The RCRS also administers the Cibola Project, an association of scholars devoted to the publication primarily of documents concerning the exploration and settlement of the Hispanic Southwest during the colonial period.

Research Center for Romance Studies

There are 163 publications in this collection, published between 2008 and 2023.
Cibola Project (149)

Accusation against Juan Domínguez de Mendoza for blasphemy (1667)

Juan Domínguez de Mendoza is accused of blasphemy by the Franciscans of New Mexico in 1667.

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Comparative Romance Linguistics Bibliographies (9)

 Comparative Romance Linguistics Bibliographies, vol. 62 (2013)

Volume 62 of the Comparative Romance Linguistics Bibliographies contains three contributions. Citation information follows:

(1) Butera, Brianna. 2013. Current studies in general Romance linguistics. CRLB 62: 1-17.

(2) Imhoff, Brian. 2013. Current studies in Romanian linguistics. CRLB 62: 18-57.

(3) Tejedo-Herrero, Fernando. 2013. Current studies in Spanish linguistics. CRLB 62: 58-117.

Previous issues and a brief history of the CRLB/CRLN may be consulted at:

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Other Recent Work (5)

Spanish and English of United States Hispanos (1975)

Comprehensive annotated bibliography of studies on the Spanish and English of Hispanos living in the United States.

Romance Etymology (State of the Art, 1980)

State of the art essay on etymological research concerning the Romance Languages, including Romanian.

The Language of the Mozarabic jarchas

Critique of reconstructions of the jarcha texts.

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