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About react/review: a responsive journal for art & architecture

react/review is an annual peer-reviewed responsive journal produced by graduate students from the department of the History of Art & Architecture at UC Santa Barbara dedicated to research by emerging scholars in art and architectural history and related fields. Each issue takes its theme from the yearly spring symposium organized by UCSB Art History graduate students. Conference presenters who deliver outstanding papers are then invited to contribute feature articles, subject to peer review, to an upcoming issue. In keeping with the discursive spirit promoted by the symposium, react/review is a responsive journal in which feature articles are followed by brief critical responses by editors. This dynamic format aims to engage our readers and develop conversations that began at the symposium.

In addition to commissioned feature articles, react/review is open to unsolicited submissions for feature articles, spotlight articles, exhibition reviews, and book reviews. A CFP will be distributed yearly. Feature articles are akin to a research essay. Spotlight articles are open-ended, short-form contributions that discuss new research findings, speculate on pressing research questions, or address methodological issues encountered in fieldwork or archival research. We also invite short pieces reviewing recent exhibitions or publications related to the theme of the current issue.