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Selected Publications by Affiliated Faculty, Researchers, and Associates

The Center for Spatial Studies was founded in 2007 with the vision that spatial thinking and computing serve all scientific disciplines and support trans-disciplinary problem solving. The Center mission is to engage in interdisciplinary research and education in how people and technology solve spatial problems. The Center organizes research-oriented events, such as the ongoing ThinkSpatial brownbag talks for the local community at UCSB and annual Specialist Research Meetings on a variety of spatially relevant themes. It also promotes spatial thinking and spatial literacy at the elementary, secondary, graduate, and postgraduate levels, offering a Freshman Seminar in Spatial Thinking and a unique Minor in Spatial Studies, as well as advanced training workshops for on- and off-campus Ph.D. students and researchers. To learn more about these programs, visit

There are currently no publications in this series "Selected Publications by Affiliated Faculty, Researchers, and Associates".