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About Us

The UC-Mexico Initiative brings together scholars and leaders from the University of California with those from distinguished sister institutions in Mexico to consider innovative ways to broaden and deepen our connections for the benefit of all.

Given the proximity of California and Mexico, and the excellence of participating institutions, it is incumbent upon us to forge closer bonds, and search for new avenues for academic interaction, discovery and cooperation. In light of the commonalities between our countries — including the family ties and shared experiences that link many Americans and Mexicans, and the complex issues that affect lives on both sides of the border — we must find ways to engage in more strategic educational and research partnerships.

We are encouraged to think broadly and boldly about potential projects, exchanges and collaborations that involve not only academia — but foundations, corporations, and government entities.

This Initiative is not a typical call to identify a set of academic activities. Instead, the goal is to develop the best long-term strategy for ensuring a robust and continuing academic relationship; one that is defining for both California and Mexico, and is held as a model for other such collaborations.

In completing this task, we must rely on our collective knowledge of the University of California and the United States of Mexico, both from our disciplinary training and our experiences as citizens of one country and visitors to the other. Our goal is a sustained, strategic effort, with commitment by both sides and programs that are mutually beneficial.